Sometimes I write things.

Ally Weinberg lives in LA with her husband, daughter, and two cats. She works in TV and sometimes writes things. She is passionate about kittens, pop-culture, and feminism.

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Riverdale’s Confusion About Feminism, Sexuality & Rape Culture

I am an unabashed lover of most CW series. Whether it’s from the D.C. universe, a relatable zombie, or a telenovela that boasts some of the best writing on television, I am here for it. The repeated ads on my CW app for “Riverdale” clearly meant I would have to give the show a shot. I am not an Archie comics fan and my knowledge of the original is limited to: Betty = Nice Girl and Veronica = Vixen.


Is NBC’s “Superstore” the Most Woke Show on Television?

Unexpectedly, one of the television series most willing to tackle serious social issues like immigration comes from a good old network sitcom. I know, color me shocked too.