Sometimes I write things.

Ally Weinberg lives in LA with her husband, daughter, and two cats. She works in TV and sometimes writes things. She is passionate about kittens, pop-culture, and feminism.

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In Search of a Perfectly Imperfect TV Mom

Television moms have been an essential part of our social fabric since we first turned that sucker on and tuned in. June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Clair Huxtable, Marge Simpson, Elyse Keaton, Angela Bower, Roseanne Connor; they’ve become America’s moms.

Do Not Ask My Daughter to Smile

“Smile.” The request elicits two very dichotomous reactions from me: a pavlovian need to smile and a simultaneous “F*** You!”

How Parenting and Politics Challenge My Inner-Introvert

How Parenting and Politics Challenge My Inner-Introvert

How Star Wars Helped Me Embrace My Baby's Helmet

If you’re a mom and you’re anything like me, you’re pretty much convinced that you happened to give birth to the most beautiful baby on Earth. For me, that not only meant weird lapses where I stared at her like a crazed mommy stalker. It also meant that I had flat-head-blindness.

I'm Raising an Only Child and It's Not the End of the World

My daughter has an imaginary sibling. Actually, let me be more specific. My daughter told me today that she has three sisters and three brothers. Sometimes it’s just a brother......